Brain Aid Prolog

'BRAIN AID PROLOG' (BAP) is a parallel PROLOG environment for Transputer systems of 1-512 processors. It is based on a model of communicating sequential PROLOG processes. You can download (get password) a 2 Transputer version of BAP for free.

Check the Abstract to learn about distributed Prolog programming. The BAP language extensions are explained in the Tutorial. For a complete reference see the Manual or check below. The most interesting properties of BAP are found in the chapter BAP Parallelism. This is also the location where you can find information about the "pipeline" and "farm" parallel programming patterns.

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BAP Online Manual

1. BAP Overview

1.1. Roadmap
1.2. Introduction

2. Bap Language Tutorial

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Hello World Examples
2.3. Parallelism with Brain Aid Prolog
2.4. BAP Communication Layers

3. Compiler Reference Manual

3.1. Introduction
3.2. Compiler Hardware Requirements:
3.3. Compiler Quick Start - the 'Hello World' Example:
3.4. Description of the BAP Compiler Predicates
3.5. Language Description:
3.6. Appendix

4. Tools and Examples

4.1. Tools
4.2. Example Programs

5. XWIO: X-Windows Front Server

5.1. Introduction
5.2. Starting xwio
5.3. Simple Windows
5.4. The Console Window
5.5. The System Menu
5.6. The Setup Dialog
5.7. The Debug Menu
5.8. Debugging
5.9. The Debug Window
5.10. Debugging Example
5.11. Graphics Windows
5.12. Dynamic Data Exchange

6. Library Reference

6.1. PROLOG library function groups
6.2. Library by Name


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