About me

Here is some personal information about me. I was been born and raised in German, but I am living in Barcelona, Spain since about 1999. Living quality in Spain is much higher than in both Germany and the US, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you want to move here ...

Talking Head

This is a 3D "Talking Head" of me, made by Igor Pandzic. Unfortunately, Igor wanted to made fun of me, so please don't press the "Chat with me" button...

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Some sites where I'm holding some kind of stake:... OpenACS, Rooms-Barcelona, AOBO, FWBO, Libros Budistas, Budismo Barcelona, Budismo Valencia, fraber-consulting, acceleris.net and iteligent.com , rubio_real
Project-ERP for service companies: Project Management, Collaboration, Workflow, Cost Capturing and Invoicing
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