SiteC Features

SiteC Features

The following list explains the basic features relevant to the creation of medium to large size web sites, maintained by several persons or instituations such as company intranets or large web sites.

  • Inserting Prolog Statements
    You can insert standard Prolog code into arbitrary pages.

  • SiteC Configuration File
    The behavious of SiteC can be configured using a standard configuration file.

  • SiteC Design Template
    SiteC separates contents from design. See how you can setup an overall site design while maintaining some freedom for subdirectory owners.

  • SiteC Linkchecker
    Make sure that your links don´t break even if you move or otherwise change contents.

  • SiteC Markers
    Markers allow you to use symbolic references within your site.

  • SiteC Preprocessor
    Even more comfort when developing pages with standard HTML editors.