SiteC Linkchecker

SiteC Linkchecker

SiteC is equipped with a linkchecker that is able to check certain links for existence. Its operation mode is defined in the ~user/.sitecrc configuration file:
  • linkcheck = off
    Linkchecker disabled.
  • linkcheck = relative
    Default: In this mode, the linkchecker only checks "relative" URLs (such as HREF="sitec/index.html" without the protocol prefix (http:, ftp:, mailto:, ...).
    Fully qualified URLs (for example HREF="" or HREF="") are interpreted as "external" to the server and not checked.
  • linkcheck = all
    Not in this release, coming soon: In addition to checking relative URLs, "external" URLs are verified over the network.

At some WWW-sites, URLs are mapped to pathes using a server configuration file (called "srm.conf" for Apache). To reflect such a mapping, an optional mapping file can be specified in ~user/.sitecrc (called "" by default). is composed of lines, beginning with the keyword "Alias" and containing the URL and the corresponding path, separated by whitespaces:

# **************************************************
#	The Site Compiler
#	(c) 1997 by Frank Bergmann
#	Define a mapping between URLs and pathes
#	for the link-checker.
# **************************************************

# Various names for my local directory.
Alias	/home/fraber/public_html
Alias	http://localhost/~fraber		/home/fraber/public_html
Alias	http://barrio/~fraber			/home/fraber/public_html
Alias		/home/fraber/public_html

# We also use some buttons from a central directory
Alias	http://barrio/buttons/			/home/www/httpd/htdocs/buttons
NOTE: The set of URL protocol prefices currently includes http, ftp, news, mailto, gopher and ldap. In case that you need an extension of this list, edit the configuration section in the file and/or send a mail to Frank Bergmann.