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Q: What is the difference between localization and translation?
A: Translation deals with the language only, while localization deals with the final user experience.
Other countries have different conventions and habits. Numbers decimals are written with a "," in Europe, instead of a "." as in the US. Accounting standards are different (US GAP against European accounting frame). Character sets are different. Hyphentation rules are different. And users feel insulted if you don't provide them exactly what they are used to.

Q: How long does a localization projects take?
A: Between few weeks and several month, depending on factors such as the number of words, the quality of your current software architecture and several more.

Q: How much will it cost to localize my system?
A: Asume some $0.20/ for every english word in your GUI plus $0.15 for every word in your user manuals and help files. Plus the cost for changing the architecture. The prices vary considerably with quality. Good translators are expert in the subject area and know the local slang and expressions. Japanese and Germans clients are known to be particularly picky with that.

Q: What happens when we release a new version?
A: Some providers with with translation memories that store all translated sentences. These translations can be retrieved using fuzzy maching algorithms, so that only the text changes have to be tanslated again


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