GEM E-Decisions Session

Saturday, October 13th at

The objective of the session was to learn how to use a MOLAP cube to analyze data using a Web server log as an example. The 5 hour session was structured in the following steps:

  1. Learn some basics about click-through behaviour of web sites
  2. Install Windows 2000 in 4 computers (groups of 3)
  3. Install MS-SQL 2000
  4. Load a web server log file into the SQL-Server
  5. Create a MOLAP-Cube from the log file table
  6. Play around with the MOLAP-Cube

The following files document the work:

Whiteboard Screenshots

Some screnshots from the whiteboard with the explanation of the web server structure, the MOLAP star scheme and the progress chart.

MOLAP Step-by-Step



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