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There are a lot of tools on the market that allow to manage WWW-sites. Below you find my personal favorites, orderd by criteria such as size, frequency of update, number of people to work on a common site, and licence cost .

If you want me to include your system, please send me a mail. Please note that the following comments refer to my personal oppinion and that I don't take any liability for errors, etc.

  • Dreamweaver
    by Macromedia. Graphics oriented HTML editor with some link management and templating features.
  • Site Mill
    by Adobe. Well, everybody knows... Very easy to use, but doesn't scale up to more than 20 pages. As an alternative, use Site Mill as an frontend to the more serious tools below.
  • Frontpage
    by Microsoft is toy stuff. Even as a frontend for the management tools below, I would prefer Site Mill or Dreamweaver.
  • NPS
    by Infopark Online Service GmbH seems to be a suitable tool to manage large Internet/ Intranet sites with many people simultaneously working on the content. is managed using this system. The main problem is that it carries a considerable price tag.
  • BSCW
    by GMD is a free (private and commercial, no redistribution) tool to manage and store files using a WWW-frontend. However, it doesn't support HTML processing, so that there is no interconnection between the data you manage. For any Intranet, I would prefer a conventional fileserver, but it may be very useful for managing Extranet data.
  • Hyperwave
    by Hyperwave GmbH is the tool that Motorola uses to organize its intranet. There is a free unlimited licence for private use (< 800 documents). The main problem of Hyperwave is its proprietary link protocol which may outdate soon.
  • SiteC
    (to put it against the competitors) by me (free for noncommercial use) is able to manage rather large sites. However, it currenly doesn't particularly support multiuser interaction and is still (5/4/98) in a beta state.
If you want me to support your decision for one of these systems, please check out about my commercial services offer. I may well save you a lot of time and money :-)
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