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  • 2001 Multiportal Multilanguage Virtual Communities (Spanish)
    The masters thesis from Juanjo Ruiz at Universidad Automoma de Barcelona. He analyzes and implements a virtual community application allowing for multiple portals and multiple languages simultaneously (pdf, 2.1Mb)

Parallel Knowledge Representation

The following papers have been written during my time as a staff researcher at RWTH-Aachen university. They all deal about the idea to apply massive parallel processing to the resource consuming tasks of reasoning within large (>10,000 concepts) onthologies.

The resulting FLEX system has been used within the Verbmobil project for the semantic and pragmatic disambiguation of spoken language (speech).
  • 1995 Parallelizing Description Logics (2)
    Frank Bergmann, J. Joachim Quantz, submitted for publication, 1995, (abstract, ps.gz)

  • 1995 Parallelisierung eines Wissensrepräsentationssystems
    Frank Bergmann, Diplomarbeit (german MSc Thesis), 1995, (ps.gz)

  • 1995 Parallelizing Description Logics
    Frank Bergmann, J. Joachim Quantz, Published in: Ipke Wachsmuth, Claus-Rainer Rollinger, Wilfried Brauers (Eds.), Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Springer-Verlag, 1995 (ps.gz)
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