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The goal of Abalone is to eliminate all stones of the opponent by pushing them over the board of the field. Foreign stones are pushed around by your own stones everytime you have "the majority" and the field behind the foreign stones is free. 3 stones build a barrier that cannot be pushed. To check this out, just drag one of the red stones in the bottom line upward.

Also, you can move 2 or 3 stones sideway. To check this out, "mark" the three leftmost stones in the 3rd line by clicking on them. They will be marked by blue circles around them. Then drag one of them into the desired direction.

I find it not that easy to win agains Abalone although the strategy used to evaluate a position is near-trivial. See the source code (get password) to find out!

Attention! You can move stones laterally if you select them propoerly. Click on a stone to toggle selection/not selection.

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